The Quezon Power Plant


The Quezon Power Project is the first base-load IPP that sells electricity to a non-government utility in Southeast Asia, and the first to privately own a high voltage transmission line.


Backed by a solid track record, Quezon Power prides itself with its strong commercial performance, environmental stewardship, robust safety record, and exemplary corporate citizenship.


The Quezon Power Project utilizes proven technology and an intensive environmental monitoring program to assure the environmental soundness of the plant.


General Information

  • 460MW net pulverized coal-fired, GE steam turbine / generator, base load plant:
    • Foster Wheeler boiler natural circulation  
    • Coal handling facilities: BMH Siwertell ship unloader, Italimpianti stacker / reclaimer, Penn crusher 
    • Once through sea water cooling


Technical Highlights 

  • Highly efficient steam cycle and turbine design
  • Low NOx burner design, capable of less than 200 ppm NOx
  • Upgraded electrostatic precipitator combined with a wet scrubber for a very efficient FGD system
  • State of the art continuous emission monitoring system for oxygen, sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides and opacity/particulate
  • PI/Eta Pro performance system data acquisition system fully functional
  • Proven technology DCS system (ABB Bailey Infi 90), and GE Speedtronic Mark V control system