QPL offers free healthy meals to keep Mauban pupils in school

  13 November, 2015

Numerous studies have shown that children who receive poor nutrition are more likely to either perform badly in classes or stop going to school altogether.

To help improve the performance of elementary pupils in Mauban, Quezon Power (Philippines) Limited Co. – in partnership with the Mauban local government unit and the Department of Education – is undertaking a Supplementary Feeding Program in 30 elementary schools in the Mauban South and Mauban North Districts for the school year 2015-2016.

“Children with diminished cognitive abilities and sensory impairments naturally perform less well and are most likely to repeat grades and to drop out of school than children who are not impaired. The irregular school attendance of malnourished and unhealthy children is one of the key factors in poor performance,” QPL said.

“Even temporary hunger, common in children who are not fed before going to school, can have an adverse effect on learning. Children who are hungry have more difficulty concentrating and performing complex tasks.”

According to QPL, since the program was started in August 1, a total of 1,385 schoolchildren are reaping the benefits of free healthy meals offered in schools from Monday to Friday.

QPL’s Supplementary Feeding Program for this school year followed a successful Food For Thought Program it initiated – in partnership with local government units – in Cagsiay I and II Elementary Schools that ended in 2013.

All told, QPL’s past and present feeding initiatives count up to 1,491 elementary school pupils from Mauban North District and Mauban South District as the programs’ beneficiaries.