Residents receive eye treatment in QPL’s Annual Cataract and Pterygium Operation

  13 November, 2015

A total of 79 residents of Mauban, Quezon received eye treatment during the Annual Cataract and Pterygium Operation conducted by Quezon Power (Philippines) Limited Co. on September 18-19 at the QPL Plant Site Medical Mission Clinic in Barangay Cagsiay 1.

Out of the 79 patients who received free treatment, 61 underwent cataract removal surgery while the remaining 18 underwent pterygium operation.

Volunteer ophthalmologists headed by Dr. NorlySibug, Dr. Gary Mariano, and Dr. Marc Lopez performed the medical procedures on all the patients, while eye care nurses also volunteered to assist the doctors throughout the two-day medical mission.

“Realizing the need to support the government’s efforts in improving the health of the citizenry in the municipality of Mauban, Province of Quezon, Quezon Power implemented the cataract and pterygium operation for the elderly residents of Mauban,” QPL said.

QPL, explaining the program for the residents said, “This is due to the fact that most of its population resides in coastal areas and fishing is the main form of their livelihood. As fisher folks, they are always exposed to extreme sunlight reflections and sudden change in weather conditions. For years that they have been exposed to this kind of condition, the risk of contracting cataract and pterygium is very high.”

“Through the intervention of the QPL’s program and in partnership with the Resources for the Blind Institute these elderly residents of Mauban found the opportunity to seek medical attention in their own town for free, through surgery. And with improved vision through surgery it had made these elderly fisher folks to hope for a better life, in the twilight years of their lives.”

Cataract and pterygium operations normally costs between Php 20,000 and Php30,000 in private clinics.

Free eye check-up

Prior to the Annual Cataract and Pterygium Operation, volunteer ophthalmologist Dr. Melissa Alonzo Yara conducted a free eye check-up on 190 patients on August 28. Laboratory tests and clearances were also given for eye surgery candidates who were treated during the two-day medical mission.

For the last 14 years, QPL has been offering free cataract surgery and eye check-ups to the people of Mauban as part of its corporate social responsibility program. Its Annual Cataract and Pterygium Operation is conducted in partnership with the Resources for the Blind and volunteer ophthalmologists and nurses from various eye Institutions in Metro Manila.